Bionic HydroTherapy at the Chelan Valley Spa System works like a poultice. Its energies are 100% bio-compatible with every cell in the body. Clinically tested for 8 years, you can rest easy in this ion stream and enjoy the warm water as it allows the body to eliminate toxins safely and efficiently.

bionic hydrotherapy

Is Your Body Hanging Onto Harmful Toxins?

  • Is chronic pain a part of your daily life?
  • Do you suffer excessive or successive illnesses?
  • How is your mental focus (clarity)?
  • Has aspirin become a daily supplement?
  • Are allergies causing you distress?
  • How would you describe your energy levels?
  • Your moods?
  • Do you retain fluids – swelling or edema?
  • Is your digestion and/or elimination in dire straits?
  • Are your suffering with chronic joint pain?

What the body is unable to eliminate safely it is forced to store away from vital organs. Just imagine if you could never empty the trash from your home. How would it affect the way you live? Now, is there any real mystery to the effects of stored toxins in your body.

Bionic HydroTherapy™ Users Report Relief from:

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Fibromyalgia Symptoms
• Peripheral Neuropathy
• Athletes Foot
• Muscle Ache
• Congestion
• Brain Fog
• Shingles
• Arthritis
• Edema

& much, much more! Come try for yourself today.


With Bionic HydroTherapy you can safely aid your body in eliminating toxins without the use of drugs, surgery or debilitating stringent fasts that can overload your kidneys, liver or intestines.

Most people experience relief from chronic pain after the first session with Bionic HydroTherapy.

Other improvements manifest as

Decreased fluid retention and increase circulation
Less congestion and decreased allergy symptoms
Improved mental clarity and mood stabilization
No expensive far away retreats you travel to
Decreased symptoms and chronic illness
No invasive therapies to endure
Strengthened immune system
No deprivation diets to follow
Increased overall well-being
Improved quality of rest
Decreased chronic pain
Increased energy
No pills to take

Bionic HydroTherapy enhances the proven effectiveness of mineral/salt baths as powerful poultices that quickly and effectively aid the body by providing a medium to safely eliminate into in the comfort of your own home. You choose the time. You choose the location.

Bionic HydroTherapy is used by Naturopaths, Dentists, and Chiropractors, massage Therapists, Reflexology Therapists and individuals who understand the importance of eliminating toxins for good health. Even main stream peer-reviewed studies report on escalating environmental toxins invading out bodies. The wisdom of health care practitioners for hundreds, if not thousands, of years proved over and over the powers of mineral baths and poultices for reducing inflammation and toxins have a profound effect on health.


Bionic Hydrotherapy Footbath $35
Remove toxins gently while enjoying a warm footbath. See colors come out and be amazed. Many benefits received for many ailments such as arthritis, aches and pains of all kinds and helps more clients feel energized and focused. 30 minute foot bath.